All Dalby solutions have at their core a simple premise: to deliver solutions to your specific problems rather than dictating how you should change your processes.

  • Dalby Data Solutions

    As with all Dalby Solutions, the primary driver is to deliver an easy to use solution. We do not demonstrate the software's abilities and expect your staff to work out how to apply it or expect them to become experts. Solutions are automated to be user-friendly and fully documented - step-by-step - to cater for instances where tasks are undertaken infrequently. Our confidence in the quality of our reference manuals is such that support is provided free of charge. should configuration or staff attrition put delivery at risk.

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  • Dalby Data and CRM Services

    Data migration to new databases
    Data validation and on-going reporting
    Designing and implementing reports to monitor compliance
    Cost-effective outsourcing of data validation using bespoke databases
    Crystal Reports a speciality
    Excel and Access

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  • Dalby Database Publishing Solutions

    With 8 years' experience, this is a bespoke service incorporating design, data validation and cross-indexing. Dalby Solutions do not just process data but analyse it and highlight potential issues before error-ridden proofs results in a crisis just before deadline.

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  • Publications

    UK Directory of Talent Management - 2010 Edition
    International Directory of Talent Management - 2010 Edition
    Directory of Talent Management - UK Edition 2009
    Directory of Interim Management in Europe 2007

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  • References

    Institute of Fundraising
    Executive Grapevine International Limited